1. Need to update my blog!

    Yeahp thats right!! Its been a lot time since my last post, but anyway I´m on the mood of SOA Suite 11G  bro!! my Laptop has 8 GB in RAM and the Suite is up and running!!

  2. Install ofm_soa_generic_11.

    Ok, now gonna install this: ofm_soa_generic_11.

  3. RCU PL SQL Issues

    OK I installed the Schemas but got a lot of alert issues regardless PL/SQL about permissions on creating them Anyway lets see what happens next , sure will need to upgade or to do maintenance later 

  4. RCU Table 4 Required Schemas for Oracle SOA Suite Products Oracle® Fusion Middleware

    What a pain in the ass to set the SOA Suite schemas with Oracle XE!!!!! But if you got the issue go the info link and you will get some good advice on what you really need 

    Table 4 Required Schemas for Oracle SOA Suite Products Component Required Schemas Oracle SOA Suite prefix_MDS (Metadata Services) prefix_SOAINFRA (SOA Infrastructure) prefix_ORASDPM (User Messaging) Oracle BAM prefix_MDS (Metadata Services) prefix_ORABAM (Business Activity Monitoring) prefix_ORASDPM (User Messaging)

  5. DB Init Param Prerequisite failure for: processes Current Value is 40. It should be greater than or equal to 200. Beginning Java & SOA Development: Error in Running Repository Creation Utility (RCU) While Using Oracle XE database

    Got the RCU issue:

    RCU-6107:DB Init Param Prerequisite failure for: processes 

    Current Value is 40. It should be greater than or equal to 200.


    Connect as SYSDBA using user "system"
    SQL> connect system/password
    SQL> show parameters processes
    SQL> alter system set processes=200 scope=spfile;
  6. Ibero 90.9 FM - Delicatessen - [Estreno] The Chemical Brothers - "Escape Velocity"

    COOOOOOOOOOOL!!!! The Chemical Brtohes ROCKS !!!!

  7. "SOA Suite 11g"

    Oracle SOA Suite Downloads

    The URL for downloading all these stuff

  8. Welcome to Oracle SOA Suite

    Here it is! the complete SOA Suite Getting Started stuff

  9. Download Accelerator Plus - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Download.com

    Lets try this one for downloading the Oracle giant stuff …. and by the way Google Chrome sucks for downloading giant files ! :S and still I love it ! sight..

  10. First impressions about Blogs Registering Tumblr 1 - 0 Blogspot

    Well, on this adventure on starting to blog on the web I noticed how quickly the user, in this case me, can change of mind or preference so fast that it makes me think on how importand usability and small details count on the user experience to choose a service on the web, in this case which blog I will start to “marry” with.

    In my opinion Web 2.0 standards and Design Patterns are about, ease of use, fast achieving of goals, for example registering to either Tumblr ot Blogspot and common similarities between one site or another.

    To conclude this brief thought, I found Tumblr much better to start using in rather than Blogspot since it is difficult to register, even with my gmail account that is linked to blogspot